Agribusiness Management

Harvey James, Chair
Agricultural and Applied Economics
College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
146 Mumford Hall
(573) 884-9682

The Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics offers a BS degree with a major in Agribusiness Management, a BS degree with a major in Agricultural Economics, and MS and PhD degrees with a major in Agricultural & Applied Economics.  A minor in Agricultural Economics is also available.  The Department is home to several programs and research centers where students can seek on-campus work experience.

  • Agricultural Electronic Bulletin Board, a web-based clearinghouse for information related to farming and production agriculture
  • Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems, a spatial economics and information research and education center
  • Commercial Agriculture Program, a multi-disciplinary approach to researching issues and incorporating innovation into production agriculture
  • Contracting and Organizations Research Institute, dedicated to enabling and encouraging interdisciplinary empirical research on contracting and organizational structure
  • Food Equation Institute, a research center with a focus on biotechnology and other agricultural and technologies relating to food production, distribution and consumption
  • Economics and Management of Agrobiotechnology Center, a research institute with a focus on applications of biotechnology on agriculture and food production and distribution
  • Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, a Congressionally-enacted center whose mission is to provide objective analysis of food, agricultural, nutritional and environmental issues
  • McQuinn Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, promotes research, teaching, and outreach on the nature, causes, and consequences of entrepreneurship
  • Missouri Institute of Cooperatives, coordinates information and leadership training for cooperatives serving Missouri

Professor M. L. Cook**, J. Findeis**, H. S. James**, N. Kalaitzandonakes**, L. M. J. McCann**, J. Parcell**, J. I. Stallman*, R. E. Westgren**, P. Westhoff**, H. Williamson Jr.*
Associate Professor M. S. Kaylen*, M. J. Monson, K. C. Moore*, M. E. Sykuta**, W. Thompson, C. B. Valdivia**
Extension Professor R. Massey**
Extension Assistant Professor D. S. Brown**
Assistant Teaching Professor J. Palacios Rivera
Research Assistant Professor J. Binfield 
Instructor J. Moreland, L. F. Sowers
Adjunct Faculty H. Gedikoglu, J. Kruse, D. Miller
Professor Emeritus M. Bennett, C. Braschler, M. E. Bredahl, T. Brown, B. J. Deaton*, G. Devino, G. A. Grimes, C. Headley, N. A. Hein, J. E. Ikerd, V. Jacobs, T. Johnson**, S. F. Matthews,  W. H. Meyers**, D. D. Osborn, R. Plain*, A. A. Prato, V. J. Rhodes, K. Schneeberger, D. L. VanDyne, P. F. Warnken, A. W. Womack*

The degree in agribusiness management offers the student a general business background while emphasizing applications to various types of food and agricultural businesses. This program prepares students to assume leadership roles in business. The broad background allows maximum flexibility when entering the job market.

Students transferring into agribusiness management from other departments at MU or from other colleges must have a 2.7 cumulative GPA for all work attempted.

While MU does not offer graduate degrees specifically in agribusiness management, the University does offer post-baccalaureate opportunities in a number of related areas, both within the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, and in the other Schools and Colleges that make up the University.  The catalog provides a complete list of these degree options.

Courses for the agribusiness management program are pulled from other academic areas, including Agricultural Economics.  A cumulative list of all MU courses is also available.