BS in Agricultural Education

Degree Program Description

Agricultural Education combines interests in agriculture, working with people, shaping the next generation’s understanding of agriculture and its role in society, and using  communication and human relation skills to obtain leadership roles in many agricultural industries.  The degree program is individualized by choosing between two degree options – teaching or leadership. Some agricultural education careers include Agriculture teachers, Public Relations Specialist, and Youth Specialist. As an Agriculture teacher, graduates work for both public schools and adult education programs. They are responsible for teaching their students about the many facets of agriculture – from crops and livestock to economics and marketing – and how that system provides the food we eat.  As Public relations specialists graduates work for a variety of private companies and non-profit organizations. They are responsible for communicating messages about their company’s products or their organization’s cause to the public. They utilize various media, such as radio, television and print publications, to accomplish their goals.  As Youth specialists graduates work for non-profit groups such as 4-H, as well as outreach and extension services. They are responsible for developing educational programs for youth in their area. 

Major Program Requirements

Students earning a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education are required to complete all University general education, University undergraduate requirements, degree, and major requirements, including selected foundational courses, which may fulfill some University general education requirements. Approximately one-third of the course work for the degree is completed in agricultural education or professionally related courses. In addition, the curriculum includes courses in agriculture, food and natural resource disciplines including agricultural economics, agricultural systems management, animal science, food science, horticulture, plant science and natural resources.

Students majoring in agricultural education select the Teacher Certification emphasis or Leadership emphasis. Please see the individual emphasis areas for degree and major requirements.

Foundational Courses

CHEM 1100Atoms and Molecules with Lab3
or CHEM 1320 College Chemistry I
BIO_SC 1010
BIO_SC 1020
General Principles and Concepts of Biology
and General Biology Laboratory
or BIO_SC 1030 General Principles and Concepts of Biology with Laboratory
or BIO_SC 1200 General Botany with Laboratory
or BIO_SC 1500 Introduction to Biological Systems with Laboratory
AG_EC 1041Applied Microeconomics3
or ECONOM 1014 Principles of Microeconomics
AG_ED_LD 2250Introduction to Leadership3
or AG_ED_LD 2260 Team and Organizational Leadership
AG_ED_LD 2220Verbal Communication in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources3

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Semester Plan

Below is a sample plan of study, semester by semester for a student that has selected the Teacher Certification emphasis area.  A student's actual plan may vary based on course choices where options are available.

First Year
AG_ED_LD 1000^1MATH 1100*3
PLNT_S 2075^3AN_SCI 1065^2
AN_SCI 21653HIST 1100*3
AG_EC 1041*3COMMUN 1200*3
ENGLSH 1000*3BIO_SC 1020*2
 BIO_SC 1010*3
 13 16
Second Year
ESC_PS 20103AG_ED_LD 2220*3
AG_ED_LD 2271^1CHEM 1100*3
AG_S_M 1020^3PLNT_S 21103
THEATR 1400*3RU_SOC 10003
AG_ED_LD 2250*3LTC 2040^3
AG_ED_LD 2270^3 
 16 15
Third Year
SPC_ED 40203SCI_AG_J 32103
AG_EC 22233AG_ED_LD 22603
AG_ED_LD 4310^3AG_ED_LD 4320^3
STAT 1400*3AG_ED_LD 4321^1
PLNT_S 32604AG_EC 21833
 AN_SCI 21143
 16 16
Fourth Year
LTC 45603AG_ED_LD 4087^3
AG_EC 32243AG_ED_LD 4995^9
AG_ED_LD 3320^3 
AG_ED_LD 4330^3 
AG_ED_LD 4331^1 
PLNT_S 32303 
 16 12
Total Credits: 120

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Degree Audit

The degree audit is an automated report reflecting a student’s academic progress toward the completion of a degree.  Degree Audits are not available for all programs; however, please consult with the appropriate college or school for audit information.

MU students can request a degree audit by logging in to myDegreePlanner.  Students may also access myDegreePlanner via myZou, in the Student Center, by clicking on the Request Degree Audit link. The audit automatically pulls in the student’s MU course work, transfer courses and courses in progress.  This is available to current students, admitted students, and those who last attended less than three terms ago.

Past MU students can request a degree audit by contacting the Academic Advising Unit of the division in which they were last enrolled at MU. For contact information, go to

Prospective students, can access a preliminary MU degree audit via Information on the college credits already earned will have to be manually entered before it can be evaluated against current degree requirements.

For additional details on degree audits, go to

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Major and Career Exploration

The University of Missouri has many resources to assist you in exploring majors and career possibilities.  For guidance, visit the Majors and Careers website or view specific resources below.

  • If you would like to learn more about your career interests, abilities, values and talents, visit the MU Career Center in the lower level of the Student Success Center.  No appointment is necessary to explore career options with one of our staff members.

For additional major and career exploration resources, visit Major & Career Exploration in the catalog.

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