Minor in Hospitality Management

The minor in Hospitality Management is for students interested in enhancing their understanding of the hospitality industry.


A student must complete 18 credit hours of coursework with 9 credit hours at the 3000 level or higher. Please use the CAFNR Online Minor & Certificate Form to complete the application process for the minor. 

Required Courses for Minor (18 credits) 

HSP_MGMT 1100Introduction to Hospitality Management3
Select Two Emphasis Areas (one-2000 level and one-3000 course from the same area)
Conference & Events
HSP_MGMT 2200Fundamentals of Conference and Events Industry3
HSP_MGMT 3200Conference and Meeting Management3
Lodging Management
HSP_MGMT 2400Fundamentals of Lodging Industry3
HSP_MGMT 3400Lodging Operations and Management3
Sports Venue Management
HSP_MGMT 2500Fundamentals of Sport Venue Industry3
HSP_MGMT 3500Sport Venue Operation Management3
Food & Beverage Management
HSP_MGMT 2300Fundamentals of the Food and Beverage Industry3
HSP_MGMT 3300Food Production Management3
Select one additional HSP_MGMT elective (3000 level or higher) 3