MS in Natural Resources with Emphasis in Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Since virtually everyone participates in some form of leisure, the primary benefit of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (PRT) is to improve quality of life issues.  The unique interaction of people, places, and activities establish our profession as one of the world's oldest and largest industries.  Students learn how to manage leisure service delivery systems by combining theory with practice. This degree is designed to prepare students for advanced positions within PRT, or admission into doctoral programs. 

Degree Requirements

Students are required to take a minimum of four 8000 level classes in the School of Natural Resources, including PRST 8400 Constructs of Leisure and PRST 8430 Research Methods in Parks, Recreation and Tourism, in addition to two other courses, as agreed upon with their Advisor. All students must also take a graduate level analysis course (i.e., statistics, qualitative analysis, or mixed analysis).  Please see the MS in Natural Resources for major program requirements and thesis options.


Dr. Mark Morgan, Associate Professor
Graduate Program Emphasis Coordinator of Parks, Recreation & Tourism
School of Natural Resources
(573) 882-9525