Certificate in American Constitutional Democracy

For general questions about the certificate, contact:

Justin Dyer, Program Director
(573) 882-3777

Political Science Academic Advisor
(573) 882-2580

The certificate in American Constitutional Democracy recognizes students who have completed twelve (12) hours of coursework on the history, theory, and practice of American constitutional self-government. In contrast to the minor, students pursuing the certificate are not required to complete a study abroad course or internship. Note: courses used to satisfy a major requirement may also count toward a certificate. However, students may not receive credit for both the certificate and the minor in American Constitutional Democracy.

Students must maintain a "B" average (3.0 GPA) in all certificate coursework.  All coursework must be completed at MU.

Must complete 12 hours from the following courses:
CL_HUM 3100The Age of Pericles3
ECONOM 4320History of Economic Thought3
ECONOM 4367Law and Economics3
GN_HON 2010HHonors Tutorial (The Affordable Care Act & the Constitutional Order)1-3
GN_HON 2010HHonors Tutorial (Arbitration and Liberty of Contract)1-3
GN_HON 2010HHonors Tutorial (Constitutional Interpretation)1-3
GN_HON 2010HHonors Tutorial (Crisis and Constitutional Government)1-3
GN_HON 2010HHonors Tutorial (The Inalienable Right to the Pursuit of Happiness)1-3
GN_HON 2010HHonors Tutorial (Liberal Democratic Theory and Practice)1-3
GN_HON 2010HHonors Tutorial (Whitman's Democratic Legacy)1-3
HIST 1500Foundations of Western Civilization3
HIST 1540England Before the Glorious Revolution3
HIST 2004Topics in History-Social Science (Gender and the Law)1-99
HIST 2430History of American Religion3
HIST 3000History of Religion in America to the Civil War3
HIST 3210History of Religion in Post-Civil War America3
HIST 4000Age of Jefferson3
HIST 4060The Period of the American Revolution, 1760-17893
HIST 4100American Cultural and Intellectual History to 18653
HIST 4200American Cultural and Intellectual History Since 18653
HIST 4400History of American Law3
HIST 4510Crime and Punishment: Law in Classical Athens3
HIST 4515Power and Oratory in Ancient Greece3
HIST 4900Beltway History: American Constitutional Democracy in Theory and Practice3
HIST 4940Internship in History3
PHIL 4600Political and Social Philosophy3
PHIL 4610Philosophy of Law3
POL_SC 2800Liberty, Justice and the Common Good3
POL_SC 2860American Political Thought3
POL_SC 4004Topics in Political Science - Social Science (The Constitutional Debates)1-99
POL_SC 4004Topics in Political Science - Social Science (The Politics of Emergency)1-99
POL_SC 4130African-American Politics3
POL_SC 4150The American Presidency3
POL_SC 4170Politics of the American South3
POL_SC 4200The American Constitution3
POL_SC 4210Constitutional Rights3
POL_SC 4800Classical Political Theory3
POL_SC 4830Democracy in America (and Elsewhere)3
POL_SC 4840Developing Dynamics of Democracy3
POL_SC 4850Scots and the Making of America3
POL_SC 4900Beltway History and Politics: American Constitutional Democracy in Theory and Practice3
POL_SC 4940Political Science Internship3-6

Note: Students may petition the director of the certificate to include a maximum of three (3) hours from a related course outside the Departments of Political Science and History. Outside courses may have additional prerequisites. 

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