Graduate Certificate in Jazz Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Jazz Studies is a one-year program that provides opportunities for continued development of skills in jazz-specific areas, such as improvisation, pedagogy, and arranging. The certificate is available to degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students alike, non-music as well as music majors, and is designed as an intensive introduction to jazz performance. The program will deepen the student’s preparation for a career in jazz performance or prepare the student for further study in jazz.


Entrance into the Graduate Certificate program requires a live audition (see below), although video-recorded auditions will be acceptable in rare cases, by permission of the Director of Jazz Studies. Entrance into the program also requires completion of a Bachelor of Music degree (or demonstrated equivalent), with a GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 credit hours. In the event that a candidate does not meet the required prerequisites for a specific curriculum, appropriate course(s) may be added as additional requirements.


MUS_THRY 7210Advanced Jazz Harmony and Arranging I2
MUS_THRY 7211Advanced Jazz Harmony and Arranging II2
MUS_H_LI 7317Historical Studies in Jazz and Popular Music3
MUS_I_VT 7645Graduate Jazz Improvisation2
MUS_ENS 8841
MUS_ENS 8846
Instrumental Ensemble
and Advanced Chamber Ensemble
Studio Instruction
and Studio Instruction
or MUS_ENS 8841
MUS_ENS 8846
Instrumental Ensemble
and Advanced Chamber Ensemble
Total Credits13

Audition Information

Audition requirements can be found at, under MM in Jazz Performance and Pedagogy, Graduate Jazz Certificate.

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