Graduate Certificate in Science Outreach

The educationaobjectives of the Certificate in Science Outreach Program are to teach students how to integrate research and outreach, and how to facilitate a dialogue with the lay public. Course work concentrates on increasing the ability of students to communicate science to broad audiences of different ages and different levels of education. Practice and applicatioof outreach develops the broader impacts” componenof the research and emphasizes actual interactiowith audiences, to promote understanding and appreciation of science, and support for scientific research.

Although this certificate is named "science outreach," other types of outreach in STEM (and STEAM!) disciplines are welcomed.  Students from medicine, engineering, arts & sciences, education, and other fields participate in this program.


This is a 12-credit graduate certificate program.  Each student will complete:

Science Outreach: Public Understanding of Science (3 credits total)

  • 2 credits in spring, plus one additional credit in a subsequent semester
  • Students learn how to share their research with the public.

Integrating Science with Outreach (6 credits total)

  • Set up as an independent study style course, students design and implement outreach projects.
  • Projects can range from after school programming to blogging--student creativity is welcomed.

College Science Teaching OR other pedagogical course (3 credits)

  • The graduate certificate co-directors must approve the course if it is one other than College Science Teaching. Please consult with them prior to taking a different course.

Required Courses:

BIO_SC/AN_SCI 8725/PHYSCS 8350/LTC 8725Science Outreach: Public Understanding of Science1-2
LTC/BIO_SC 8726Integrating Science with Outreach1-6
LTC/BIO_SC 8724College Science Teaching3

*NOTE: College Science Teaching can be replaced with a different pedagogical course with prior permission from the certificate Co-directors.

Contact Information

For more information, contact the certificate Co-directors:

Anna Waldron
(573) 489-8592

Gavin King
(573) 882-3217