Graduate Certificate in Science Outreach

The educationaobjectives of the Certificate in Science Outreach Program are to teach students how to integrate research and outreach, and how to facilitate a dialogue with the lay public. Course work will concentrateon increasing the ability of students to communicate science to broad audiences of different ages and different levels of education. Practice and applicatioof outreach will develop thebroader impacts”componenof the research, and will emphasize actual interactiowith audiences, to promote understanding and appreciation of science, and support for scientific research.

Required Courses:

BIO_SC/AN_SCI 8725/PHYSCS 8350/LTC 8725Science Outreach: Public Understanding of Science1-2
LTC/BIO_SC 8726Integrating Science with Outreach1-6
LTC/BIO_SC 8724College Science Teaching3

For more information, contact the certificate Co-Directors:

Anna Waldron
(573) 882-2737

Gavin King
(573) 882-3217