Minor in Astronomy

A student whose major is in another department may receive a minor in astronomy with the completion of the following courses with grades of C- or better: PHYSCS 2750 University Physics I, PHYSCS 2760 University Physics II (10 credit hours), PHYSCS 3010 Introduction to Modern Astrophysics  (3 credit hours), plus two additional astronomy courses at the 3000/4000 level or above.

A student must have a total of 19 credit hours to receive a minor in astronomy. At least nine of the 19 credit hours must be completed on-campus. A course in which a grade of D+ or below was received will not count towards the minor. To receive your minor in astronomy, you must print and fill out the minor form, have it signed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Physics  and Astronomy Department, and then take it to 107 Lowry Hall.