Minor in Chinese Studies

Students may obtain a minor in Chinese Studies by completing at least 15 credits of Chinese courses. At least nine of these hours must be completed on campus, or as part of an MU faculty-led study abroad program. At least nine of these credit hours must be earned in Chinese language courses beyond the elementary level. The remaining six hours can be earned in non-language Chinese culture courses, or courses from other departments that relate to China.

The Chinese Minor form can be downloaded here (links to PDF). To apply for a minor in Chinese, visit the Department of German & Russian Studies in 448 Strickland Hall.

CHINSE 2100Everyday Spoken Chinese Level I3
CHINSE 2160Intermediate Chinese I Conversation and Composition3
CHINSE 2310Chinese Civilization I3
CHINSE 2330Chinese Language and Culture3
CHINSE 3085Problems in Chinese1-3
CHINSE 3160Intermediate Chinese II Conversation and Composition3
CHINSE 3170Everyday Spoken Chinese Level II3
CHINSE 3180Advanced Chinese I3
CHINSE 3320Modern and Contemporary Chinese Fiction (in translation)3
CHINSE 3300Chinese Traditions and Global Integration3
CHINSE 3300HChinese Traditions and Global Integration - Honors3
CHINSE 3310Chinese Poetry (Course currently in CIM workflow.)3
CHINSE 3400Negotiating Chinese Culture3
CHINSE 3880Contemporary Chinese Film3
HIST 1871History of China in Modern Times3
HIST 1872Mao's China and Beyond: China Since 19493
HIST 2820Taiwan: The First Chinese Democracy3
HIST 4800Modern China and Japan: War, Imperialism and Memory3
HIST 4880Chinese Migration: From Yellow Peril to Model Minority3
PHIL 4800Asian Philosophy3
POL_SC 4680Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy3
REL_ST 2310Religions of China and Japan3
REL_ST 3250Buddhism in East Asia3
REL_ST 4320Introduction to Daoism3