Minor in Middle East Studies

The minor in Middle East Studies is designed for those students who want to explore the art, history, politics, cultures, and religions of the Middle East in greater detail. For those looking beyond graduation, the minor provides a solid inter-disciplinary foundation and credential with which to pursue graduate work or careers in fields related to the Middle East. Students have the opportunity to take a variety of courses from eleven different departments in the College of Arts and Science. Furthermore, the minor allows students engaged in different disciplines and on different career tracks to engage with and learn from each other and a broad range of faculty. The courses that count toward the minor emphasize and promote critical historical thinking by providing students with the conceptual and analytical tools to think about the often overlooked religious, ethnic, and political diversity of the peoples of the Middle East, past and present.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of fifteen (15) credit hours from at least three (3) different departments within the College. Students in the minor must maintain a 2.0 GPA for courses in the minor.

At least six (6) of the fifteen (15) required credits must be taken at the level of 2000 or above.

At least nine (9) hours must be completed at MU.

There are no prerequisites.

Course List

AR_H_A 2230Introduction to the Arts of Islam3
AR_H_A 3210Near Eastern and Egyptian Art and Archaeology3
AR_H_A 3510Byzantine and Islamic Art and Archaeology3
AR_H_A 4490Late Antique Art and Archaeology3
AR_H_A 4510Byzantine Art and Archaeology3
CL_HUM 4650The World of Late Antiquity3
ENGLSH 4150World Literatures (Provided the literature is related to the ME)3
GEOG 3270Geography of the Middle East3
FILM_S 3845Modern Israeli Film3
HEBREW 3310Introduction to Israeli Culture3
HEBREW 3845Modern Israeli Film3
HIST 1520The Ancient World3
HIST 3485The United States and the Middle East3
HIST 3850Islam and the West3
HIST 4560The Crusades3
PEA_ST 2100The Vietnam and Iraq Wars: Lessons for the Future3
PEA_ST 2110Perspectives on Peace in the Middle East3
PEA_ST 2255Youth, Islam, and Global Cultures3
PEA_ST 3850Islam and the West3
POL_SC 4411Genocide, Terrorism and Civil War3
POL_SC 4430Global Human Rights3
POL_SC 4780Dictatorship and Democracy3
REL_ST 24003
REL_ST 2600Early Christianity3
REL_ST 2700Islam3
REL_ST 3005Topics in Religious Studies-Humanities (Introduction to the Qur'an)3
REL_ST 3300The Prophets3
REL_ST 3310The Problem of Evil: Theodicy in the Ancient Near East3
REL_ST 3410Cities and Letters of Paul: an Archaeological Investigation3
REL_ST 3500Judaism in the Time of Jesus3
REL_ST 4550The Historical Jesus3
SOCIOL 2255Youth, Islam, and Global Cultures3
WGST 3370Themes in Gender and Religion (Women and Islam)3

Advising and Support

For information, questions, and advising for the minor, contact:

Nathan Hofer, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Minor in Middle East Studies

221G Arts and Science Building