Minor in Missouri Studies

The Minor in Missouri Studies will provide crucial knowledge about Missouri's diverse history, culture, resources, and policy challenges for college graduates entering various career tracks in politics, state and local government, education, journalism, agriculture, law, tourism and others- particularly for those intending to remain in the state after graduation.  

  • The minor will require a minimum of 15 credit hours. 
  • At least six of those hours must be taken from a list of core courses. 
  • At least nine of the 15 must be completed in residence at the level of 2000 or above. 
    • Six of the nine must come from at least two of the three categories (Humanities/Fine Arts; Social Sciences; Environment and Resources).
  • A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required for all courses that count towards the minor. 
  • Students will be encouraged, although not required, to take at least one course that includes a field component (an internship or travel across the state). 
Core Courses*
HIST 2440History of Missouri3
POL_SC 2250Missouri Politics3
GEOG 2130Geography of Missouri3
Elective Courses *
Humanities/Fine Arts*
Social Science *
ENGLSH 4620Regional and Social Dialects of American English3
GEOG 2720The City3
HIST 2230Walt Disney and American Culture3
GEOG 3580WPlacewriting (Active Spring 2019)3
HIST 4940Internship in History3
HIST 4910History in the Public: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Public History3
Environment and Resources*
PUB_AF 4340Regional and Economic Development Policy3

  * Some courses are currently being proposed/created and are not listed. 

For further information contact:
Jenny Morton
Academic Advisor
Department of History