Minor in Peace Studies

A minor in peace studies requires a minimum of 15 credits.  PEA_ST 1050 Introduction to Peace Studies  is required, plus 12 additional credits. Online writing intensive versions of 1050 are available. It is recommended that the credits be distributed among the five areas on the following list:

Area 1: International and Civil War and Peace
Nuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health and Social Effects (Section 2 is writing intensive, section 1 not)
Technological Futures, National Security, and Civil Liberties
Philosophies of War and Peace
Human Rights, Law, War and Peace
Terrorism and Conflict Resolution - Honors
Ireland, 1100s to 1850
Ireland, 1850-1923
Ireland, 1920-Present
Nonproliferation Issues for Weapons of Mass Destruction
Area 2: Global Social and Environmental Justice
Population and Ecology
Exploration in Social and Economic Justice
Large Corporations, Economic Crisis, Social Responsibility
Global Public Health and Health Care Systems
Social Revolution in Latin America
Women, Development and Globalization
Political Sociology
Area 3: Nonviolent Social Movements, Process, and Change
Critical Dialogues: Nonviolence in Peace/Democracy Movements (Section 2 is writing intensive, section 1 not)
Collective Behavior
Group Decision Making Processes
New Media, Conflict and Control
Area 4: Cultures, Intellectuals, And Global Migration
Youth, Islam, and Global Cultures
Race, Democracy, and Violence in Cuba and Haiti (Section 2 is writing intensive, section 1 not)
Literature of Spanish Civil War
Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies
Art of War and Peace
Politics of the Media
World Political Geography
Political and Social Philosophy
Area 5: Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights, and The Imperial State
Indigenous Religions
Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies
Special Themes in Native American and Indigenous Studies
Digital Indigenous Studies
Digital Indigenous Studies - Honors
Native American Geographies
Gender and Human Rights in Cross Cultural Perspective

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