Minor in South Asian Studies

The South Asian Studies minor is a course of study that allows a student to acquire specialized knowledge about South Asia in a variety of disciplines, e.g., anthropology, history, philosophy, religious studies, political science, sociology, women and gender studies and language studies.

To obtain a minor in South Asian Studies, a student must:

  • Complete 15 hours of coursework relating to South Asia. The courses approved for the South Asian Studies minor are listed at http://southasia.missouri.edu/minor.html.
  • At least nine of the 15 hours must be at the 2000 level or above.
  • A student is required to take courses in two or more departments.
  • A minimum of six hours must be taken in residence.
  • A grade of C or better is required for all courses counting toward the South Asian Studies minor.

A minor in South Asian studies can easily be combined with a major in anthropology, philosophy, history, religious studies, political science, geography, journalism, sociology, women & gender studies, etc.