MA in Atlantic History and Politics

Begin Admitting Spring 2020.

The MA in Atlantic History and Politics will prepare students for doctoral work in History, Political Science and Public Affairs, as well as for further study in the fields of Law, Museum Studies, Policy Studies, and Secondary Education.  Additionally, the skills that students will refine through the degree; communication, written argumentation, conceptual thinking and problem solving, transfer to and prepare them for success in any number of public and private sector professional pursuits. 

The MA will build on the Kinder Institute's scholarly focus on the ideas, events, and institutions that have shaped the development of democratic life, politics and culture in the United States by widening the frame of examination to include the greater Atlantic world in the modern era.  

Degree Requirements

The MA in Atlantic History and Politics includes five primary pillars: a required study abroad component at University of Oxford; a required co-taught, interdisciplinary seminar that builds off of the Oxford component in establishing the shared intellectual foundations for the MA; Discipline-specific training in History and Political Science; For-credit professional development relevant to academic and non-academic fields; and elective course credit.  At least six credit hours of coursework must focus on topics not primarily related to U.S. history and/or government, and at least three credit hours of elective coursework must come in the form of a research-intensive seminar through which students produce a substantial piece of academic writing.  All courses for the MA must be taken at the 7000- level or above, and at least 15 credit hours must come through 8000- or 9000- level courses.  Total credit hours for the program is 30 credit hours.

All students must be in residence at MU for the fall and spring semesters of the MA.

Core Requirements21
Oxford Study Abroad (both courses listed are required)9
The Atlantic World
Tutorial (Oxford)
Atlantic Politics and History3
HIST 8480Historiography3
POL_SC 9120Voting and Elections3
or POL_SC 9140 American Political Institutions
or POL_SC 9175 Evolution of American Legislatures, 1619 to the Present
Professional Development Seminar3
Elective Credit9

Thesis Requirements

In lieu of a thesis, students will produce an article-length, discipline-appropriate paper through a research-intensive elective course and be assessed on the MA's study abroad component.  All assessments will be subject to the MU Graduate School's committee and defense requirements.