MA in Defense and Strategic Studies

Begin Admitting Fall 2020.

The MA in Defense and Strategic Studies is an online degree program within the Department of Political Science.  Defense and Strategic Studies is an important area of study centered on understanding political and military strategy, including understanding topics such as, military power and effectiveness, intelligence, diplomacy, and deterrence.  These subjects are continually important for understanding international politics and security in an increasingly complex world.

The program is targeted towards US military officers and the civilian workforce in industries, government agencies, and think tanks related to international relations and national security.  For military officers the degree is beneficial in order to be promoted to higher ranks, and will help them further understand international politics and strategy needed for their jobs.  Military officers should be able to make command decisions and complete staff assignments with greater understanding of the broader context surrounding them because of their broadened intellectual horizon and increased understanding of international relations theory, conflict, and security learned through the program.  Similarly, the intellectual base and knowledge gained in the program will enable civilian graduates to better perform job duties at positions in government agencies, think tanks, and industries related to international security.      

Degree Requirements

Requires 30 credit hours offered entirely online.  12 hours of transfer credit will be accepted to current or former US military officers who are in or have previously completed Intermediate Level Education (ILE) at particular military command and staff colleges.

Major Requirements15
POL_SC 8400 International Relations Theory3
POL_SC 8450 International Conflict3
POL_SC 8470 Theories of Civil War3
POL_SC 8550 Strategic Studies3
POL_SC 8560 Military Innovation in Peace and War3
Electives (select five)15
POL_SC 7410 Politics and War3
POL_SC 7411 Genocide, Terrorism, and Civil War3
POL_SC 7412 Strategy and Warfare3
POL_SC 7413 Politics of Cyber-Security3
POL_SC 7415 Peacekeeping and Intervention3
POL_SC 7500 Insurgency and Counterinsurgency3
POL_SC 7510 Intelligence and National Security3
POL_SC 7520 Deterrence and Nuclear Weapons3
POL_SC 7540 American Foreign Policies3
POL_SC 7680 Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy3
POL_SC 7690 North and South Korea3
POL_SC 7700 America's Wars in Asia3
POL_SC 7900 Topics in Strategic Studies3

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