Minor in Digital Storytelling

The minor in Digital Storytelling requires a total of 15 credit hours, including 9 credits in Digital Storytelling and 6 elective credits.  Electives must be taken at the 2000-level or above.  A minimum grade of C- is required for all courses to count towards the minor.

Core Required Courses (9 credit hours)9
DST 1880Introduction to Digital Media Production3
DST 3880WWriting and Theory for Digital Media - Writing Intensive3
Choose one:3
Digital Storytelling Production I
Digital Storytelling Animation Production I
Video Art and the Moving Image
Electives (6 credit hours)6
Can be chosen from Art, Digital Storytelling, Film Studies, English, Journalism, Communication, Information Technology, Theatre, Art History and can be found here: https://visualstudies.missouri.edu/sites/default/files/ds/digital_storytelling_electives.pdf