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The study of a foreign language allows for the development and refinement of communication, listening and speaking skills. Such study also endows students with a concern for world affairs and an appreciation of and respect for individual differences.

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers language and literature courses in French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Students may elect a major in Romance Languages with an emphasis in French or Spanish. Minors are also available in Afro-Romance literatures in Translation, French, Italian Area Studies, Luso-Brazilian Area Studies, Romance Literatures in Translation, and Spanish. The department also participates in the interdepartmental minor in film studies.

Double majors within the College of Arts and Science, as well as dual degree programs outside of the College of Arts and Science, can be arranged if the second degree is identified early. Combined programs with journalism, political science, agriculture, education and business are among the possibilities.

The department offers BA and MA degrees in Romance Languages with major emphasis in French and Spanish; an MA with a major in French Language Teaching or Spanish Language Teaching, and a PhD in Romance Languages. Minors are also available.

Professor R. Cavigoli**, J. Cordones-Cook**, A. Mendez Rodenas**, M. J. Muratore**, J. M. Zemke**
Associate Professor A. Alacazar**, M. Badiane**, E. Blandón**, J. Draper**, V. M. Kaussen**, M. Moore**, G. Pérez-Anzaldo**, C. D. Presberg*, I. Reyna**, D. Sipe**, R. Tabanelli**
Assistant Professor M. Soria*
Teaching Associate Professor A. Aviles-Quinones*, M. Marcos-Llinas*, J. Otabela-Mewolo*
Teaching Assistant Professor D. M. Heston, J. Kay
Instructor A. Wetzel

Department of Romance Languages and Literature
143 Arts and Science Building
(573) 882-4874

Director of Graduate Studies: Mamadou Badiane

About the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers graduate degree programs with an emphasis in Spanish, and French, both with the option of an emphasis in foreign language teaching. The department’s faculty and graduate student seminars are an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental series seeking to provide a collegial atmosphere in which scholars can present their recent work. The department strongly encourages study abroad as a way to reinforce language skills, broaden one’s horizons, and add an unforgettable experience to a meaningful university education.

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at the University of Missouri has the country’s only focus area in the field of Afro-Romance Studies. In order to facilitate research collaboration between our faculty members working in this field and scholars outside our institution, we have established the Institute for Languages and Literatures of the African Diaspora. The Institute serves first and foremost to expose black writers of French, Portuguese and Spanish expression to a wider audience.


The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers four fields of specialization at the doctoral level: French Literature, Francophone Literature, Spanish Literature or Spanish American Literature.

Financial Aid from the Program

Contact the Director of Graduate Studies for details.

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RM_LAN 2200: Introduction to Catalan Language and Culture

This is an introductory course to Catalan language and culture. Previous knowledge of another Romance language might be beneficial. Students will learn basic Catalan expressions, vocabulary and grammatical structures. Furthermore, students will begin to familiarize themselves with elements of Catalan culture.

Credit Hours: 3
Recommended: Some knowledge of a Romance language desirable

RM_LAN 2310: Literature of the African Diaspora

(same as BL_STU 2310). A postcolonial analysis of selected literary texts interpreting the African diaspora in the Americas. Exemplary texts from the Caribbean (English, French, Spanish), South America and the United States are discussed in comparative perspective. No knowledge of Spanish required.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: ENGLSH 1000

RM_LAN 2820: Trends in World Cinema

(same as FILM_S 2820 and GERMAN 2820). This course is a historical overview of the major trends in international cinema. It focuses on the intersection of aesthetics, industry, and ideological and social concerns in cinematic production.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: sophomore standing, ENGLSH 1800 or FILM_S 1800

RM_LAN 3200: Catalan Culture and Identity

Students in this course are not expected to have previous exposure to Catalan instruction. If they do, it will enhance their learning experience. Knowledge of another Romance language might be beneficial as well. This is a course focused on Catalan culture and identity. Students will learn about the history of the language, the language policies in Spain and Europe, Catalan literature, cinema, music, and food. Students will read different materials in English for the most part. Course is taught in English.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: sophomore standing required

RM_LAN 4310: Literature of the African Diaspora

A study, in English translation, of writings by authors of African descent in the Americas.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: junior standing