BA in Romance Languages with Emphasis in French

Degree Program Description

The BA in Romance Languages with an emphasis in French is the exploration of the language, literature, and culture of French-speaking countries.  The degree requires a minimum of 30 hours of French beyond FRENCH 2100.  Faculty strongly encourages all majors to spend at least one semester (or summer) studying abroad, preferably after their second year of the language.  Given the liberal arts foundation of a degree in French students pursue careers in a variety of fields or continue their studies.  Graduates have pursued careers in journalism, tourism, diplomacy, and education.

Major Program Requirements

Students who have not satisfied the requirement of the elementary sequence (four years of foreign language in high school) may take the Foreign Language Placement exam,, to place them in an upper level language course.  Once the upper level course is completed on campus, with a grade in the C range or better the student can apply for Advanced Standing.

For the major, course work must be completed with a grade in the C range or higher in each of the required courses and students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in the major. Students must meet all major requirements listed below, as well as all College of Arts and Science and University graduation requirements, including University general education.

Students who work toward a double major (two degrees within the College of Arts and Science) may be able to complete the majors with a minimum of 120 credits. Students who are considering a dual degree program (in Arts and Science and in another school or college) are advised that a minimum of 132 credits are necessary.

To obtain the BA degree in Romance Languages with an emphasis in French, the following courses, or their equivalents, must be included in the graduation plan (numbers in parentheses indicate prerequisite courses).

Major core requirements
FRENCH 2160Intermediate French Composition and Conversation3
FRENCH 3160Advanced French Composition and Conversation I3
or FRENCH 3280 Commercial French
FRENCH 3410Introduction to Literary Analysis3
FRENCH 3420Introduction to French Literature I3
FRENCH 3430Introduction to French Literature II3

Additional Requirements

  • Students must complete five additional 4000-level courses.  We encourage students to take Stylistics as one of these.
  • Students beginning at a level higher than FRENCH 2160 due to placement testing must still complete 30 credits in order to receive the major.
  • In addition, the student is required to take a Writing Intensive course in the major, normally designated sections of FRENCH 3420 or FRENCH 3430.
  • It is highly recommended that students take FRENCH 2310: French Civilization as an elective and, if at all possible, study for a summer, a semester or a full year in a French-speaking country.

Semester Plan

Below is a sample plan of study, semester by semester.  A student's actual plan may vary based on course choices where options are available

First Year
FRENCH 2160^3FRENCH 3160^3
ENGLSH 1000*3Science with Lab*5
MATH 1100*3Behavioral Science Course*3
Social Science Course*3Social Science Course*3
 12 14
Second Year
Science Course*3FRENCH 3430^3
FRENCH 3410^3Science Course*3
Humanities Course*3Humanities Course*3
Behavioral Science Course*3Humanities Course*3
 12 12
Third Year
FRENCH 3420^3FRENCH 4000-level^3
Social Science Course*3FRENCH 4130^3
Elective Course3Elective Course3
Elective Course3Elective Course3
Elective Course3Elective Course3
 15 15
Fourth Year
FRENCH 4000-level^3Elective Course3
FRENCH 4000-level^3Elective Course3
Elective Course3Elective Course3
Elective Course3Elective Course3
Elective Course3Humanities Course*3
 15 15
Total Credits: 110

Electives may be replaced by courses that fulfill requirements for a double/dual major or a minor.

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Degree Audit

The degree audit is an automated report reflecting a student’s academic progress toward the completion of a degree.  Degree Audits are not available for all programs; however, please consult with the appropriate college or school for audit information.

MU students can request a degree audit by logging in to myDegreePlanner.  Students may also access myDegreePlanner via myZou, in the Student Center, by clicking on the Request Degree Audit link. The audit automatically pulls in the student’s MU course work, transfer courses and courses in progress.  This is available to current students, admitted students, and those who last attended less than three terms ago.

Past MU students can request a degree audit by contacting the Academic Advising Unit of the division in which they were last enrolled at MU. For contact information, go to

Prospective students, can access a preliminary MU degree audit via Information on the college credits already earned will have to be manually entered before it can be evaluated against current degree requirements.

For additional details on degree audits, go to

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Major and Career Exploration

The University of Missouri has many resources to assist you in exploring majors and career possibilities.  For guidance, visit the Majors and Careers website or view specific resources below.

  • If you would like to learn more about your career interests, abilities, values and talents, visit the MU Career Center in the lower level of the Student Success Center.  No appointment is necessary to explore career options with one of our staff members.

For additional major and career exploration resources, visit Major & Career Exploration in the catalog.

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