MA in Statistics with Emphasis in Data Analytics


Three semesters of calculus (or equivalent), one semester of linear algebra, and at least one post-calculus course in probability and statistics. At least one course in applied linear models is recommended.

Degree Requirements

At least 30 hours of course work in the Department of Statistics; of these, at least 15 hours must be numbered 8000 or above.

Required Courses
STAT 7110Statistical Software and Data Analysis3
STAT 7750Introduction to Probability Theory3
STAT 7760Statistical Inference3
STAT 8310Data Analysis I3
STAT 8320Data Analysis II3
STAT 8330Data Analysis III3
STAT 8640Bayesian Analysis I3
Elective Courses
STAT 7580Introduction to Statistical Methods for Customized Pricing3
STAT 7830Categorical Data Analysis3
STAT 7870Time Series Analysis3
STAT 9250Statistical Computation and Simulation3
STAT 9530Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods3

Master's Exam

All students must pass a written comprehensive exam on the core data analytics portion of the program: STAT 7750, STAT 7760, STAT 8310, STAT 8320.  These exams will be administered at least twice per year and may be taken on campus or in testing centers in the United States or Internationally.