MAcc in Accountancy

Admission Contact Information

Koni J. Daws,
303 Cornell Hall; Columbia, MO 65211

The School of Accountancy is NOT accepting any applications for admission to the MAcc-only program, as we are at full capacity.

About the MAcc Program

The growing scope and diversity of functions being performed by professional accountants has created a strong demand for individuals who have both a broader base of general and business education as well as more in-depth technical accounting education than can be obtained in a four-year. 

Requirements for Master's Degree Only

A student who has a degree in a different curricular area or a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from another college or university may earn a master’s degree from the School of Accountancy upon completion of the requirements for the degree. The student’s program must include a minimum of 30 credits beyond the bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) selected from courses carrying graduate credit. In addition, the student must meet the following stipulations:

  • At least 15 of the 30 credits must be completed in 8000-9000-level courses.
  • A minimum of 24 credits of advanced study must be completed under MU faculty.
  • A maximum of 6 graduate credits may be transferred from another college or university.
  • All requirements must be completed within eight years from the time of initial enrollment.

MU’s M Acc program is designed especially to provide the additional breadth and depth of knowledge and skills required for success in contemporary accounting practice. 

Core Business Education
Business electives: 9 hours
Professional Accountancy Education
ACCTCY 7365Governmental Accounting and Budgeting3
ACCTCY 7384Auditing Theory and Practice I3
ACCTCY 8450Accounting and Strategic Business Analysis3
Accounting Electives: 12 hours

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Admission Criteria to the MAcc

  • Fall deadline: March 15
  • Minimum TOEFL scores:
Internet-based test (iBT) Paper-based test (PBT)
100 600
  • Minimum GMAT scores:
Minimum Verbal Quantitative Analytical TOTAL
Minimum Score 640
Minimum Percentile 50th 75th
  • Minimum GPA: at least 3.5 for last 60 hours
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, with a major in accountancy or equivalent
  • A prior record of outstanding academic performance
  • Strong letters of recommendation
  • Work experience may be considered

Note: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Admission is competitive and based on space availability.

Required Application Materials

To the Office of Graduate Studies
All required Graduate Studies documents
Statement of objectives, no more than 500 words (upload to the online Graduate Application)
TOEFL score (if native language is not English)

To the M Acc Program
GMAT score
2 Recommendation letters, mailed

Prerequisites for the MAcc

The master of accountancy (M Acc) program encompasses the last 30 hours of MU’s 150-hour accountancy program and presumes students have completed the undergraduate portion of the program, or the equivalent. Students whose undergraduate education is not equivalent to the first 120 hours of the 150-hour program may overcome important deficiencies by taking additional courses approved by the program director.

To be considered for acceptance in the M Acc program candidates must have completed the first 120 hours of MU’s 150-hour program or received a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with a major in accountancy or the equivalent (students with bachelor’s degrees in non-accounting areas may enter the M Acc program after completing an appropriate set of “prerequisite” courses).

In addition to the requirements listed above, other factors such as the student’s statement of objectives and recommendation letters also may be considered to the extent that they provide indications of a student’s ability to be successful in the M Acc program.

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The MAcc Admission Process

Generally, admission decisions for the M Acc program are made in the late spring and summer for fall admissions only, and this is on a highly competitive basis.

Graduation Requirements for the MAcc

The basic 30-hour M Acc curriculum requires a minimum of 15 hours of accountancy courses and a minimum of 15 hours of courses reserved exclusively for graduate students. A maximum of 6 semester hours of graduate level course work may be transferred from another accredited master’s program.

Through careful selection of electives, the M Acc program provides great flexibility to enable customized programs of study in specialty areas of particular interest to students. One of the most popular areas of specialization is taxation (where a “tax track” is available. Other specialties may be developed in the areas of financial accounting and auditing.  Go the following link for more information about graduate accounting certificates:

Accountancy Electives:
ACCTCY 7940Professional Accounting Internship3-6
ACCTCY 8363Multi-Jurisdictional Tax3
ACCTCY 8373Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders3
ACCTCY 8404Internal Auditing3
ACCTCY 8414Information Systems Assurance and Control3
ACCTCY 8419International Accounting3
ACCTCY 8423Tax Research and Planning3
ACCTCY 8424Fraud Examination3
ACCTCY 8433Mergers and Acquisitions Taxation3
ACCTCY 8436Financial Accounting Theory and Practice III3
ACCTCY 8438Forensic Accounting3
ACCTCY 8444 Advanced Audit
ACCTCY 8453Taxes and Business Strategies3
ACCTCY 8456Corporate Governance3
ACCTCY 8463Partnership Taxation3
MBA Courses
MBA courses may be used to fulfill business electives at the graduate level. Please see the Director of the 150-Hour Program during pre-registration to get a list of courses that are available for accountancy students.

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