Graduate Certificate in Assurance

The Assurance Certificate program will provide students with advanced skills necessary to succeed in Assurance Services-related careers.  Through completion of the required coursework, students will be able to:

  • Assess business and financial reporting risks
  • Understand and apply auditing concepts and procedures
  • Design and implement internal controls
  • Understand the role of corporate governance in risk management
  • Implement fraud prevention and detection procedures
  • Understand how corporate taxes can impact a corporation's financial statements
  • Understand the basis of corporate taxation and book-to-tax differences (ASC 740)

School of Accountancy graduates with an Assurance Certificate will be prepared for a variety of careers including:  external and internal auditor, risk management, fraud examination, and consulting on risk, assurance, and fraud prevention.

Students must be admitted to the MAcc program to pursue the Assurance Certificate.  Courses will count towards the degree programs for School of Accountancy.  Additional credit hours beyond those needed for the MAcc will not be required in most cases. Students must achieve an average of 3.0 GPA in the required courses.

ACCTCY 4384/7384Auditing Theory and Practice I3
ACCTCY 8373Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders3
ACCTCY 8404Internal Auditing3
ACCTCY 8414Audit of Internal Controls3
ACCTCY 8424Fraud Examination3
or ACCTCY 8438 Forensic Accounting
ACCTCY 8436Advanced Accounting3
ACCTCY 8444Advanced Audit3
ACCTCY 8456Corporate Governance3
Total Hours: (12 of 15 credit hours must be graduate credit)15

Below is a sample semester plan.  Please consult with your advisor.

First Year
ACCTCY 4384 or 73843ACCTCY 79403
ACCTCY 83733ACCTCY 84043
Accounting and/or Business Electives6ACCTCY 84563
 12 9
Second Year
ACCTCY 84363 
ACCTCY 84443 
ACCTCY 84503 
Total Credits: 30