Graduate Certificate in Serious Game and Simulation Design

The SGSD certificate program prepares students as significant professional contributors to the design and prototype of Games and Simulations that have purposes that go beyond entertainment.  Certificate graduates would have a competitive advantage to market themselves as prepared practicing professionals in the Serious Game and Simulation Industry.

Educational Objectives:

  • Learn and apply a systematic, agile, team-based and flexible process for game and simulation design.
  • Learn and apply skills for prototyping game and/or simulation designs using appropriate software and/or game engine tools.
  • Analyze existing games and simulations for usage of game/simulation strategies and mechanisms shown to be effective in achieving cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning outcomes.
  • Become fluent in usage of serious gaming and simulation technology equipment (e.g. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, etc.)
  • Analyze needs needs of user groups (e.g. accessibility, diversity, gender/LGBTQ representations, anti-harassment, etc.) using different methods, design, and prototype a “serious” game and/or simulation using strategies and mechanisms shown to be effective in achieving cognitive, affective and psychomotor “serious” outcomes.
  • Assess and evaluate learning outcomes from employing game/simulation strategies using user experience and usability methods.


The graduate certificate is a 16 credit hour program.  All courses are online. 

Required Courses:
IS_LT 7384Designing Games for Learning3
IS_LT 7308Game Engine Skills1
ARCHST 7230Computer Graphic Application for Design I3
IS_LT 9486Advanced Designing Games for Learning3
IS_LT 9480Internship in Information Science and Learning Technologies3
One of the following electives:
IS_LT 9440Learning with Web-based Technologies3
IS_LT 7383Rapid Development Tools for Online Learning3
IS_LT 7888 Intro to VR-enabled Instructional Design3

For additional information contact:

School of Information Science & Learning Technologies
304 Townsend Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
phone: 877-747-5868
phone: 573-882-4546
fax: 573-884-0122

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