Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is for people interested in a wide variety of possible careers related to education for employment. CTE programs are intended to prepare students to be effective instructors and workforce development professionals at community colleges, area vocational-technical career centers, or corporate training centers. Program coursework emphasizes a foundation in curriculum design, teaching methods, student assessment, instructional program design and management, educational philosophy, learner psychology, and educational technology.

For undergraduate students, the online Bachelor of Educational Studies degree program has numerous options that allow students to focus on any one of a variety of areas such as strategic human resource development, instructional design, health professions education, and youth development professions.

For individuals interested in graduate education, there are two emphasis options in the Master of Education in CTE:

The Business & Marketing Education option is for those interested in teaching subjects such as Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Administrative Office Systems, Personal Financial Planning, Advertising & Marketing, Retail Management & Sales, Accounting & Business Finance, and International Business.

The Vocational Technical Education emphasis is designed for careers teaching in fields such as Allied Health Professions, Telecommunications and Electronic Technology, Construction Trades, Culinary Arts and Food Science, Automotive Technology, Small and Marine Engine Repair, and Industrial and Manufacturing Processes.

Associate Teaching Professor  A. Barbis *

The University does not offer an undergraduate degree in Career and Technical Education.  Students interested in this field might want to consider the online Bachelor of Educational Studies (BES) degree program coordinated by the LTC program area is the undergraduate option for individuals who want to teach or work in workforce education. The degree program is designed for people who plan to work with adult learners at community colleges, workforce development programs, and continuing professional education programs.  It is intended to prepare students to become effective educational professionals by providing not only the traditional broad-based education of a 4-year degree, but also a foundation in curriculum design, teaching methods, and other aspects of the field of adult education.

For information about the online BES program, contact the College of Education Advising Office:
Phone: 573-882-5659
Address: 101 Hill Hall