PhD in Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology with Emphasis in Health Education and Promotion

Degree Requirements

General Core Courses36
Health Area Courses21
Health Behavior: Drug and Sexuality Education
Health Behaviors: Drug and Sexuality Education
Health Promotion
Statistics and Research Methodology12-15
Measurement and Evaluation3
Individual Studies (Health Related Electives)12 minimum
General Electives12

Sample Plan of Study

A student’s plan of study will vary depending on her/his program track and career goals and should be completed in consultation with her/his academic advisor.

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Qualifying Process

The Graduate School requires that students pass a qualifying examination as a condition of official admittance to the PhD program.

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Comprehensive Examination Process

The Comprehensive Exam is administered once a year.

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Dissertation Requirements

After working with the academic advisor on developing a dissertation proposal, the student meets with her/his doctoral program committee to obtain approval of the written dissertation proposal. After the project is completed, the student submits a written dissertation and defends her/his dissertation project to the doctoral program committee.

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This program is not accepting admissions at this time.

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