Minor in Computational Neuroscience

Computational neuroscience is becoming an important tool for neuroscientists to understand how complex brain circuits work, for example, what causes post-traumatic stress disorder.  This intersection of engineering and neuroscience is allowing great advances in health care, manufacturing and communication.

Required for all students:
ECE/BIO_SC 4590Computational Neuroscience4
Select 2 courses from the following list:
Animal Physiology
Sensory Physiology and Behavior
Neurology of Motor Systems
Nerve Cells and Behavior
Physics in Cell and Developmental Biology
Computational Biological Physics
For students majoring in Engineering, Physics, Math, Psychology or Statistics, choose 6 credits from the following list of courses:
BIO_SC 1010General Principles and Concepts of Biology (with BIO_SC 1020)3
BIO_SC 1500Introduction to Biological Systems with Laboratory5
BIO_SC 2300Introduction to Cell Biology4
F_W 1100Introductory Zoology with Laboratory5
PSYCH 2210Mind, Brain, and Behavior3
PSYCH 4210Physiological Psychology3
For students majoring in Biology choose 6 credits from the following list of courses:
PHYSCS 1220College Physics II4
PHYSCS 2760University Physics II5
INFOTC 1040Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming3
BIOL_EN 2080Introduction to Programming for Engineers3
Seminar for Undergraduates1

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