Minor in Aerospace


  • To provide a fundamental grounding in aerospace engineering
  • To prepare students to be competitive for positions in aerospace-oriented industries

Students will take courses from the 4 fundamental areas of aerospace engineering:

  • aerodynamics
  • aerospace structures
  • flight mechanics
  • propulsion

To Apply

  • Meet with your advisor sophomore/junior year to plan minor courses into your schedule.
  • Complete the necessary course work (at least 18 credit hours).
  • Submit the application below in the semester before you are graduating.
  • It will then appear on your diploma.

Required Course Work

Must take both:
MAE 3400Fluid Mechanics3
MAE 3600Dynamic Systems and Control3
Select at least 2 from:
MAE 4210Aerospace Structures3
MAE 4390Aerospace Propulsion3
MAE 4420Intermediate Fluid Mechanics3
MAE 4430Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer3
MAE 4440Aerodynamics3
MAE 4450Gas Dynamics3
MAE 4620Aircraft Flight Performance3
MAE 4630Space Flight Mechanics3
MAE 4940Aircraft Design3
Auxiliary Courses
A maximum of 6 credit hours can be counted toward the minor
MAE 4001Topics in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (When taken as topics title "Applied Finite Element Analysis")3
MAE 4280Introduction to Finite Element Methods3
MAE 4320Design of Thermal Systems3
MAE 4380Intermediate Thermodynamics3
MAE 4600Advanced Mechanics of Materials3
MAE 4720Modern Control3


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