Minor in Engineering Sustainability


The Sustainability minor requires a minimum of 15 credits of course work, consisting of a minimum of six credit hours of core courses and a minimum of nine credit hours from the list of approved emphasis area courses. 

Required Core Courses
Intro to Engineering Sustainability3
Experiential Project3
Approved Emphasis Area Courses
ARCHST 2323Sustainable Building Design Fundamentals3
ARCHST 4323Sustainable Technologies and Systems3
ARCHST 4325Energy-Efficient Building Design3
BIOL_EN 4150Soil and Water Conservation Engineering3
or CV_ENG 4710 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
BIOL_EN 4160Food Process Engineering3
BIOL_EN 4250Irrigation and Drainage Engineering3
BIOL_EN 4315Principles of Biochemical Engineering3
or CH_ENG 4315 Principles of Biochemical Engineering
BIOL_EN 4316Biomass Refinery Operations3
or CH_ENG 4316 Biomass Refinery Operations
BIOL_EN 4350Watershed Modeling Using GIS3
or CV_ENG 4720 Watershed Modeling Using GIS
CH_ENG 4220Hazardous Waste Management3
CH_ENG 4285Pollution Prevention3
CH_ENG 4311Chemodynamics3
CH_ENG 4312Air Pollution Control3
CH_ENG 4318Energy Technology and Sustainability3
CV_ENG 3200Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering4
CV_ENG 3600Civil Engineering Materials4
CV_ENG 4130Transportation Safety3
CV_ENG 4145Civil and Environmental Engineering Legal Issues3
CV_ENG 4230Introduction to Water Quality3
CV_ENG 4250Environmental Regulatory Compliance3
CV_ENG 4286Environmental Sustainability3
CV_ENG 4406Geotechnics of Landfill Design3
ENV_SC 2600Sustainability Foundations: An Introduction to Sustainability3
IMSE 4001Topics in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering3
IMSE 4580Industrial Energy Efficiency and Management3
IMSE 4720Introduction to Life Cycle Analysis3

Prof. Vellore S. Gopalaratnam
Minor Coordinator
E2501 Lafferre Hall