MS in Biological Engineering

Admission Contact Information

Jean Gruenewald
W1041C Lafferre Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-5200

Admission Criteria

  • Fall deadline: June 1st
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0 in the last 60 hours
  • BS in engineering from an accredited university or equivalent experience
  • Minimum English Proficiency Requirements (for International Applicants):
Item Score
TOEFL (Internet-based) 80
TOEFL (Paper-based) 550

Required Application Materials

Prospective students should submit graduate applications online: The following materials are required:

To the Office of Graduate Studies:

  • All required Graduate Admissions documents
  • Official transcripts
  • TOEFL scores (for International Applicants)

To the Bioengineering Master’s Program:

  • Résumé or CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Three Recommendation Letters
  • GRE scores

Financial Aid from the Program

Some programs require an extra form or statement from those who wish to be considered for internal assistantships, fellowships or other funding packages. Check the program Web site or ask the program contact for details.

Graduation Requirements: Master of Science (MS) and Master of Engineering (ME) in Biological Engineering

Students without a BS in engineering will be required to complete additional courses in mathematics, basic sciences and engineering science. Students with engineering degrees other than biological engineering should meet certain proficiency requirements.

The Biological Engineering Program requires a minimum of 30 semester hours beyond the baccalaureate degree for the MS thesis (MST) degree and a minimum of 36 semester hours for the MS non-thesis (MSNT) degrees. A student may also choose to complete a Master of Engineering (ME) degree with a focus in Biological Engineering.  The ME degree requires a minimum of 36 semester hours. See the Master of Engineering page for general requirements.

If approved by the student's Master's Program Committee, the program of study may include up to six hours of graduate credit transferred from another university or from another campus of the MU system. In general, the Graduate School does not accept correspondence or extension course credit earned at any other campus. However, a student may take up to eight hours of correspondence courses that are authorized for graduate credit and offered through Mizzou Online. Courses to be taken for graduate credit must be approved by the Graduate Dean, and the enrollment form has a place designated for the Graduate Dean's signature. See for more information on distance education opportunities.

As a minimum, the Program of Study for MST and MSNT should include the following:

BIOL_EN 8402Research Methods2
BIOL_EN 8087Seminar in Biological Engineering1
BIOL_EN 8180Numerical Methods in Engineering Research3
BIOL_EN 8990Masters Thesis Research in Biological Engineering 3 credits maximum for MSNT degree; 6 credits minimum for MST degree1-12
A graduate level Statistics course3
Additional Bioengineering 8000 level courses (excluding Readings or Problems or Research): two for MST, three for MSNT6-9

As a minimum, the Program of Study for ME should include the following:

BIOL_EN 8087Seminar in Biological Engineering1
BIOL_EN 8000Scientific Discovery Leading to Life Science Innovations3
BIOL_EN 8180Numerical Methods in Engineering Research3
A graduate level Statistics course3
Two additional Bioengineering 8000 level courses (excluding Readings or Problems or Research).6
A minimum of 21 hours must be from the College of Engineering with at least 15 hours in 8000+ level courses.
The combined hours of Research, Problems, and Readings can not be more than 3 credit hours.

Additional course hours for the Master's study may come from Bioengineering courses numbered 7000 or above or courses from other MU departments numbered 7000 or above. Classes chosen to fill the plan of study may include those needed to fulfill proficiency areas if they are taken for graduate credit. Other courses should be chosen to strengthen the student's ability to do research in their specific area.