Minor in Engineering

The minor in engineering is designed for students majoring in disciplines such as physics, math, chemistry and computer science, but it is available to students in all disciplines. It consists of 18 or 19 hours of engineering courses as listed below.

Required Courses
ENGINR 1000Introduction to Engineering1
ENGINR 1100Engineering Graphics Fundamentals2
ENGINR 1200Statics and Elementary Strength of Materials3
ENGINR 2100Circuit Theory for Engineers3
ENGINR 2300Engineering Thermodynamics3
INFOTC 1040Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming3
CMP_SC 1050Algorithm Design and Programming I4
Engineering Elective - choose from the list below:3-4
BIOL_EN 2180Engineering Analysis of Bioprocesses3
CH_ENG 2118Introduction to Energy Technology and Sustainability3
CH_ENG 2225Mass and Energy Balance3
CV_ENG 3100Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering4
CV_ENG 3200Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering4
CV_ENG 3700Fluid Mechanics3
CV_ENG 4250Environmental Regulatory Compliance3
CV_ENG 4500Introduction to Construction Management3
ENGINR 2200Intermediate Strength of Materials3
ECE 2210Introduction to Logic Systems3
IMSE 2030Fundamentals of Systems Design and Analysis3
IMSE 2110Probability and Statistics for Engineers3
IMSE 2210Linear Algebra for Engineers3
IMSE 2710Engineering Economic Analysis3
MAE 2600Dynamics3