Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Safeguards Science and Technology

For additional information about this certificate, contact:

Dr. John Gahl, professor of Electrical Engineering
(573) 884-7414

Certificate Objectives and Requirements

The objective of offering the Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Safeguards is to provide graduate students and professional, non-degree-seeking, students in various engineering disciplines with an opportunity to develop unique skills and expertise that will enhance their performance in jobs requiring knowledge of nuclear material protection, control and accountability.

The graduate certificate program serves degree-seeking graduate students and also functions as a stand-alone graduate certificate program for professional, non-degree-seeking students. Both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students will be required to take four specific classes (12 credit hours) involving nuclear science, policy and safeguards. The student must complete a Change of Academic Program form to enter the program. The student must also complete the “Course of Study for Graduate Certificate” form, which must be approved by NSEI before taking any courses. Without this prior approval, the NSEI has the authority to deny the certificate.

For MU students, a maximum of 6 credit hours may be counted for both degree course credit within their department and the Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Safeguards. However, total credit hours needed to complete their degrees need not exceed departmental or Graduate School requirements (see the Graduate School catalog for additional information contact Dr. Gahl)

Nuclear Safeguards Science and Technology Certificate Plan of Study

Four specific classes, comprising 12 hours of course credit, are required for a student to receive this graduate certificate in nuclear safeguards:

NU_ENG 7335Nuclear Safeguards Science and Technology3
NU_ENG 7331Nonproliferation Issues for Weapons of Mass Destruction3
NU_ENG 7303Radiation Safety3
NU_ENG 7391Nuclear Radiation Detection3
Total Credits12

Federal Gainful Employment disclosure information for this Graduate Certificate is available at