College of Human Environmental Sciences


James "Sandy" Rikoon, Dean
Bea Smith, Dean Emeritus
Jo Britt-Rankin, Associate Dean for Human Environmental Sciences Outreach and Extension
Jung Ha-Brookshire, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Dale Fitch, Director, School of Social Work
Victoria Shahan, Student Services Director

Academic Advising Contact
Victoria Shahan
106 Gwynn Hall
(573) 882-6424

School of Social Work Advising Contact
Tammy Freelin
722 Clark Hall
(573) 882-1656

Scholarship Information Contact
Office of Advancement
121 Gwynn Hall
(573) 882-7514


The College of Human Environmental Sciences addresses human needs and enhances individual and family life in a diverse and global society by conducting advanced research, preparing professionals and providing outreach.


A department of household economics was founded at MU in 1900 within the College of Agriculture. The initial one-year program was designed for young women who wished to learn proper management of the home. In 1906, the program expanded and a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics was added. The mission of the new program was to correlate work in art and physical, biological and social sciences with studies of home economics. Home Economics became a school within the College of Agriculture in 1960 and in 1973, the program became an independent college. The School of Social Work joined the college in 1988.

The college is unique among its peers in its comprehensive use of professional advisory boards, whose members are leaders in business, government, education and the social services.These experts provide guidance and support from their specialized fields to students and faculty and contribute powerful perspectives to curriculum development. Every department provides experiential learning opportunities where students apply their knowledge in real-world situations.

Contact Information

HES Student Services 
Victoria Shahan
106 Gwynn Hall 

Social Work Student Services
Tammy Freelin, MSW
722 Clark Hall
(573) 882-1656

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College Level Requirements

All freshmen and transfer students entering the College of Human Environmental Sciences enroll in GN_HES 1100 Introduction to Human Environmental Sciences, or SOC_WK 1110 Introduction to the Social Work Major. These courses emphasize career decision-making, provide an orientation to the campus and the college, and bring into focus the role of a professional in the improvement of the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities.

All students are required to successfully complete two foundation courses which are courses outside of their major but within the College of Human Environmental Sciences. The foundation courses must come from two different HES departments. Course options for foundation courses can be found on the degree audit. Students also must fulfill a communications requirement by completing 3 credit hours of either COMMUN 1200, COMMUN 3571, COMMUN 3575, or a course designated within the department. 

Academic Standing

A student whose term and cumulative grade point averages are 2.0 or higher is considered to be in Good Standing. (Note: The word “term” in these Regulations applies to semester, summer session, or intersession.) A student in Good Standing whose term grade point average falls below 2.0 is placed on scholastic probation. Any beginning student admitted to the University of Missouri who does not meet the minimum entrance standards as specified in Article II, Admissions, Advanced Standing, and Classification will enter on Scholastic Probation. A student on Scholastic Probation must establish a 2.0 cumulative grade point average within two successive terms: otherwise, he/she is Ineligible to Enroll. A student whose term grade point average falls below 1.0 is Ineligible to Enroll. A student who has been Ineligible to Enroll for a period of one year may apply to be readmitted by writing a letter to the HES Status and Appeals Committee.

Associate Dean - Research & Graduate Studies
Dr. Jung Ha-Brookshire
137 Stanley Hall
(573) 882-6316

Departmental Contacts
Architectural Studies: Dr. Bimal Balakrishnan, 573-882-3169
Human Development & Family Science: Dr. Ashlie Lester, 573-882-1301
Nutrition & Exercise Physiology: Dr. Jill Kanaley, 573-882-2519 OR Dr. Pam Hinton, 573-882-4137
Personal Financial Planning: Dr. Rui Yao, 573-882-9343
Textile & Apparel Management: Dr. Jung Ha-Brookshire, 573-882-6316
Social Work: Crystall Null, 573-884-9385


The College of Human Environmental Sciences (HES) addresses human needs and enhances individual and family life in a diverse and global society by conducting advanced research. HES faculty have earned national and international research reputations while building programs that are valued by private citizens, government, business and industry, and human services agencies. The College has more than 400 graduate students enrolled in a variety of master’s and doctoral degrees. Graduate certificates and online study are other academic options in several disciplinary areas.

  • Architectural Studies
  • Human Development & Family Science
  • Nutrition & Exercise Physiology
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Textile & Apparel Management
  • Social Work

The School of Social Work, housed within the College, offers a CSWE accredited Master of Social Work (MSW) Program that prepares competent, effective and ethical social work professional leaders for social change.  The PhD program prepares students as educators and researchers with knowledge and skills to inform policy making, program development and evaluation, and research on clinical practice issues.

Note: Prospective graduate students must apply to both the degree program of interest and to the Office of Graduate Studies. In most cases, the entire application process may be completed online. Find admission and application details by selecting the degree program of interest in the left navigation column. For a look at the College’s online graduate degree programs, see Mizzou Online.