MA in Architectural Studies with Emphasis in Environment and Behavior

Program Contact
Dr. Bimal Balakrishnan
137 Stanley Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

The Environment and Behavior focus is on the multifaceted relationship between people and their physical, social and cultural environments. Environment-behavior research explores a variety of environments, linking them to a range of behavioral concerns. This program is suitable for persons who seek careers in research, consulting, and/or teaching in architecture, interior design, and other environmental design disciplines.

A design project leads to the MA degree.

Focus areas in environment and behavior include:

  • Health and Well-Being
  • Sustainable Deign
  • Design Education
  • Social and Cultural Bases of Design
  • Place Attachment
  • Environments for Learning
  • History of the Designed Environment
  • Analysis of Building Types
  • Aesthetics of Building Types
  • Inclusive Design/Accessibility
  • Environment and Aging
  • Housing and Neighborhood Design
  • Programming, Design and Post-Occupancy Evaluation

Contact Dr. Bimal Balakrishnan for more information.  Also see the Department web site and the Architectural Studies Graduate Handbook.


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