MS in Dietetics

Degree Requirements

The Coordinated Program in Dietetics requires a minimum of 30 hours of graduate courses in the program. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Sample Plan of Study

The following courses are required for this degree.  Changes in course requirements may occur, as the program is required to meet the accreditation standards.

First Year
BIO_SC 1500 or 1010 and 10205ENGLSH 10003 
GN_HES 11001CHEM 13204 
MATH 11003HLTH_SCI 10003 
PSYCH 10003Hist. or Pol Sc3 
HES Foundation Course (recommend HDFS 1600 OR 1610)3Humanities (recommend PHIL 1150 or PHIL 2440)3 
 15 16  
Second Year
CHEM 20303BIOCHM 3630 (B- or better required)3 
CHEM 21302CDS 21903 
MPP 32025COMMUN 12003 
NEP 23803NEP 19953 
HES Foundation Course (recommend FINPLN 2183)3NEP 2340 (B- or better required)3 
 16 15  
Third Year
MANGMT 30003NEP 24503ESC_PS 41703
NEP 33602NEP 32901NEP 34001
NEP 43403NEP 33902NEP 35901
NEP 43603NEP 42803 
NEP 45903Humanities (WI)3 
 Supporting Elective 3 
 14 15 5
Fourth Year
F_S 43104MPP 42045 
PTH_AS 22013NEP 33703 
NEP 42902NEP 43703 
NEP 49502NEP 49511 
Supporting Elective3NEP 83403 
 14 15  
Fifth Year
ESC_PS 72003Professional Development (course proposal pending)1 
HMI 74303 Medical Nutrition Therapy (course proposal pending)2 
NEP 73802Practice of Dietetics SPE (course proposal pending)10 
Medical Nutrition Therapy SPE (course proposal pending)4  
NEP 73851  
 13 13  
Total Credits: 151

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Thesis/Non-Thesis Requirements

This is a professional program and will not require a Thesis, but will require a comprehensive exam.

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The College of Human Environmental Sciences offers a Master of Science degree in dietetics.  This degree is only for students accepted in the Coordinated Program in Dietetics. See BSHES in Nutritional Sciences with an emphasis in Dietetics at for application information and criteria.  The Coordinated Program is a five year program, in which student's receive a bachelor's in year four and a master's degree in year five.  The required supervised practice occurs in years 3-5. An MS in Dietetics will occur in year five.  After acceptance to the Coordinated Program, students must successfully complete their BS, MS and all supervised practice within the Coordinated Program, in order to receive their verification statement.  The verification statement is required for eligibility to take the national Registration Examination for Dietitians.

Requirements for program continuation during the master's year will be posted on the Nutrition and Exercise Physiology website.

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