Certificate in Fitness Programming and Management

Begin Admitting Summer 2020.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Fitness Programming and Management (FPM) provides students with the initial knowledge and skills to assist individuals across the lifespan in adopting physical activity, exercise, and other healthy behaviors that lead to increased fitness, wellness and optimal health. Students will have an understanding of business functioning and how to apply management concepts and approaches to business, including the fitness industry, using critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students are prepared to begin the process to pursue national certifications provided by professional organizations in fields of study related to exercise, strength and conditioning, and sports medicine.

FPM certificate awardees will possess:

  • Foundational knowledge in fitness, exercise, and physical activity.
  • An understanding of the need for helping people make healthy behavior changes and lessen unhealthy behaviors.
  • Competencies required to begin the process to obtain the Fitness/Exercise Personal Training and Group Fitness certifications.
  • An understanding of the basic business skills necessary to start and manage their own business.


Students will need to complete 15 credit hours in the following courses. 

Required Core NEP Courses9
NEP 1340Introduction to Exercise and Fitness3
NEP 2140Exercise Practicum I3
NEP 3450Activity Throughout the Lifespan3
Required Business Courses6
ECONOM 1000General Economics for Journalists5
ACCTCY 2010Introduction to Accounting3
or ACCTCY 2026 Accounting I

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