MA in Human Development and Family Studies with Emphasis in Family Studies

1. Statistics and research methods (6 hours)
Research Methods in Human Development and Family Science
Any advisor-approved statistics course 7000 level or above
2. Core content (21 hours)
a. Family interaction and functioning (6 hours)
Family Interaction
Interpersonal Relationships
b. Family structures, forms, and variations (9 hours)
Black Families
The Process of Divorce
Seminar in Human Development and Family Science
Remarriage & Stepfamilies: Development, Dynamics, & Intervention
c. Family theory (3 hours)
Family Theories
d. Electives* (3 hours)
Aging and the Family
Stress and Resilience in Families
Advanced Seminar on Multicultural Families
Cognitive Development
Gendered Relations in Families
Children, Families and Public Policy
* Or any advisor approved graduate level course
3. Human development (3 hours)
Social and Emotional Development
Life Course Perspective
Theories of Human Development
Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
4. Legal issues (3 hours)
Family Law
5. Independent effort (3-6 hours)
Research in Human Development and Family Science
Internship in Human Development and Family Science
or MISC 8999
Graduate Examination*

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