Minor in Human Development and Family Studies

To earn a minor in HDFS, an undergraduate student must successfully complete 15-16 credit hours of coursework, as indicated in the two groups listed below.


Students must successfully complete all 3 of the following courses:

H_D_FS 1600Foundations of Family Science3
H_D_FS 2300Multicultural Study of Children and Families3
H_D_FS 2400Principles of Human Development 13-4
Total Credits9-10


Students must choose and successfully complete 2 courses from the list below: 2

H_D_FS 1610Intimate Relationships and Marriage3
H_D_FS 3050Child Development: Birth to 3 (Infant/Toddler)3
H_D_FS 3150Child Development 4-8 (Early Childhood) (WI)3
H_D_FS 3430Adolescence and Young Adulthood3
H_D_FS 3440Adulthood and Aging3
H_D_FS 4610Stress and Resilience in Families3
H_D_FS 4620Family Interaction3
H_D_FS 4630The Process of Divorce3
H_D_FS 4640Interpersonal Relationships3
H_D_FS 4700Children and Families in Poverty3
Total Credits 6


Students seeking to earn a minor in HDFS must earn the minimum of a C (2.0) grade in each course selected for the minor – no exceptions. Pass/fail graded courses will not be accepted.

1 HDFS 2400 is offered in two different formats - writing intensive (4 credits), and non-writing intensive (3 credits); either format will fulfill the requirements of the Minor in HDFS.

2 Some courses on this list may require specific pre-requisites and/or instructor consent. Please see the Enrollment Information and Course Description in myZou for more information.

A total of 6 hours of transfer credit from other colleges or universities outside of the University of Missouri – Columbia will be accepted for the minor in HDFS, provided the transfer courses are a direct equivalent to MU HDFS courses.

A minor must be completed and awarded at the same time as the MU undergraduate degree (i.e., minors cannot be claimed after graduation). Once an HDFS minor is awarded, a student cannot return to MU to complete a second undergraduate major in HDFS.

Students cannot earn a major and a minor in HDFS.