Human Environmental Sciences

Human Environmental Sciences Extension Specialist

A student who plans to be an extension specialist may choose a subject-matter area of interest. In addition, a master's degree in a subject-matter area generally is required in Missouri.

The student must fulfill the requirements for the chosen major while pursuing the extension objective. Additional electives can be chosen from such areas as adult education, communications and the social sciences.

Professor  L. Ganong**, J. Ispa**, B. Schwarz**, R. B Tofle**
Millsap Professor G. Carlo**
Associate Professor  D. Rudy**, D. L. Sharpe**
Assistant Professor B. Balakrishnan**, S. Killoren**, L. Manfra**, C. Proulx**, R. Ravert**,  R. Yao*
Assistant Teaching Professor M. Goldschmidt*, S. L. Green-Ivey, F. Palermo*
Assistant Research Professor M. Herzog*
Associate State Personal Finance Specialist B. Procter, L. Schrader, A. Zumwalt

While MU does not offer undergraduate degrees specifically in human environmental sciences, the University does offer baccalaureate opportunities in a number of related areas, both within the College of Human Environmental Sciences, and in the other Schools and Colleges that make up the University. The catalog provides a complete list of these degree options.

GN_HES 1100: Introduction to Human Environmental Sciences

Introduction to Human Environmental Sciences

Credit Hour: 1