Minor in Social Work-Gerontology

The Undergraduate Gerontology Minor is designed to provide students with an entry level of knowledge in the field of gerontology. The minor will give participants expanded knowledge in providing services to older adults and their families. The focus of the Gerontology Minor is to build a skill set in understanding the basic foundations of scientific information centered around the process of aging.

The minor is also designed to prepare you with strengths and weaknesses of the aging population, provides an introduction related to paradigms shifts in social, economic and political views, outlines aging as diversity within the population subset to understand impact of power, gives awareness of the effect of death, grief, and loss, explores life skills factors of development, as well as becoming knowledgeable regarding policy, systems, and ethical decision factors of the aging population.

In obtaining the Gerontology Minor you will incur skills that build awareness to aging demographics trends in relationship to retirement, employment, health care, abuse and neglect, accessibility, and shaping life experiences to age successfully.

The minor coursework will allow you to gain further confidence to assist older adults in meeting their needs, where they are in their environment.

Required Courses
SOC_WK 4480Helping Strategies with Older Persons3
SOC_WK 4395Death, Grief and Loss3
H_D_FS 3440Adulthood and Aging3
Take two of the following:
SOC_WK 2000Exploration in Social and Economic Justice3
HLTH_SCI 4420Health Literacy and Behavioral Compliance3
HLTH_SCI 4300Health Care in the United States3
SOCIOL 4210Aging and the Life Course3

Admission Requirements:

A student must be admitted into the University of Missouri systems seeking to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree from a declared academic major. To obtain the Gerontology Minor he/she must complete the minimum 15 credit hours as outlined above from the two designated areas.

Students must have a 2.5 minimum GPA to apply for and earn the minor. A minimum grade of "C-" in "required" or "optional" coursework is needed to qualify for the minor. Students seeking approval regarding the Minor may file them in 723 Clark Hall. To obtain additional assistance in outlining the Minor in ways that it will correlate with career major he/she may contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Student Service Coordinator.