Certificate in Biomedical Sciences

The Certificate in Biomedical Sciences will prepare pre-professional, (pre-veterinary), students for success as a professional student in veterinary medicine and for a career in veterinary medicine.  The certificate is relevant to all biomedical based professional programs including pre-medicine and pre-health professions.  The courses required encompass biomedical terminology, cell biology, anatomy, and physiology. 

Required Credit Hours:
A total of 15 credit hours in online BIOMED is required.  Thirteen credit hours are in core courses and 2 credit hours in electives.

Required Core Courses (13 Hours)
BIOMED 2110Biomedical Terminology3
BIOMED 3219Elements of Comparative Anatomy3
BIOMED 4XXXComparative Physiology (in development)3
BIOMED 4333Veterinary Cell Biology4
The list of elective courses is subject to change.
Electives (2 Hours)
BIOMED 1010Biomedical Career Explorations1
BIOMED 2111Veterinary Medical Terminology1
BIOMED 2120Essentials of Animal Handling and Physical Restraint2
BIOMED 2130Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology3
BIOMED 2230Animal Sanitation and Disease Prevention3
BIOMED 3000Specialty Careers for Veterinary Technicians1
BIOMED 3100Biomedical Pathophysiology3
BIOMED 3300Animal Welfare and Ethics3
BIOMED 3400 Domestic Animal Behavior in Veterinary Practice2
BIOMED 4001Topics in Biomedical Sciences (Canine and Feline Nutrition)3
BIOMED 4110Veterinary Cytology2
BIOMED 4120Principles of Toxicology3
BIOMED 4210Animal Issues in Disasters1
BIOMED 4300Clinical Veterinary Neurology3
BIOMED 4320Fundamentals of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care3
BIOMED 4400Veterinary Surgical Nursing3
BIOMED 4410Small Animal Physical Rehabilitation3
BIOMED 4500Equine Critical Care and Nursing3
BIOMED 4510Equine Clinical Anatomy: Forelimbs1

Minimum Academic Standards: Satisfactory completion of a certificate requires a grade point average of at least 3.0 in BIOMED courses and no grade less than a C in all courses.