Graduate Certificate in Informatics for Public Health

The Graduate Certificate in Informatics for Public Health (IPH) offers to further and meet the growing demand for professional education and development in the field of public health informatics.  The certificate provides participants with basic knowledge of issues and application of informatics in areas of public health including surveillance, prevention, preparedness, and health promotion, and competence in evaluating and discovering solutions for the current and future public health informatics challenges.

The IPH Certificate is designed to serve as a stand-alone certificate program for non-degree seeking students, public health care professionals and as an additional option for Master of Science in Health Informatics students, Master of Public Health students, and other Graduate students.  Courses taken for the certificate program are not intended to fulfill the requirements of any current Graduate degree at MU.  All IPH courses are offered in a 100% online format.  


Successful completion of the certificate requires a total of 12 credit hours.

Required Core Courses
HMI 7431Foundation of Public Health Informatics3
HMI 8545Methods in Public Health Informatics/Biostatistics3
Additional Core Course Options (select 1 or 2)
HMI 7432Health Database Management and Public Health Data Systems3
HMI 7435Scripting for Public Health Informatics3
HMI 8610Consumer Health Informatics3
HMI 8550Health Data Analytics3
P_HLTH Geographical Information Systems in Public Health3

Semester Plan

The IPH Certificate program launched in Spring 2019.  Both HMI 7431 Foundation of Public Health Informatics and HMI 8610 - Consumer Health Informatics were offered in Spring 2019.  HMI 7431-Foundation of Public Health Informatics will be offered as a Fall course going forward, and IPH courses will continue to roll out over the next two years.  Please contact the HMI Department for further information about the certificate program and plan of study options.  Additional information also available at   

Sample Plan of Study #1

First Year
HMI 74313HMI 86103
HMI 74353HMI 85453
 6 6
Total Credits: 12

Sample Plan of Study #2

First Year
HMI 74313HMI 85453
Public Health GIS Elective (in development)3HMI 74323
 6 6
Total Credits: 12