Graduate Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management

The Graduate Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management is an interdisciplinary certificate between the Department of Management, Trulaske College of Business, and the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, College of Engineering.


The certificate requires the completion of 12 credit hours with a 3.00 GPA.

Required Courses- 6 credit hours6
MANGMT 7070Supply Chain Management3
IMSE 8370Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis MANGMT 7070 must be taken prior3
Analytics Track- 3 credit hours from the following:3
IMSE 7410Data Engineering and Predictive Modeling3
IMSE 8110Engineering Experimentation3
MANGMT 7420Managerial Statistics1.5
MANGMT 7470Data Analysis for Managers1.5
MANGMT 7480Managerial Analytics1.5
MRKTNG 8180Applied Statistics for Marketing Analytics1-3
MRKTNG 8760Marketing Analytics for Business Decisions1-3
MRKTNG 8780Advanced Marketing Analytics1-3
Supply Chain/Operations Track- 3 credit hours from the following:3
MANGMT 7201Topics in Management Topic of: Purchasing & Supply Management3
IMSE 7330Material Flow and Logistics System Design3
IMSE 7350Production and Operations Analysis3
IMSE 7360Supply Chain Engineering3
IMSE 7370Service Systems Engineering and Management3
IMSE 8030Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Systems3
IMSE 8310Advanced Integrated Production Systems3
MANGMT 7430Operations Strategy1-3
MANGMT 8510Project Management1-3
MRKTNG 8350Business-to-Business Marketing1-3

Contact Information:
James S. Noble, Professor