MS in Data Science and Analytics with Emphasis in Human Centered Science Design

In addition to the core program objectives, graduates of the Masters of Science in Data Science and Analytics who pursue the Human Centered Science Design emphasis area will achieve the following educational objectives:

  • Students will develop a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations and hands-on experience necessary to understand the strengths and limitations of different analytical methods.
  • Combines both the technical (databases, social networking, data mining, and text mining) and social (economic, ethical, policy, and political) aspects of data analytics.
  • Students will build an understanding of the complex interplay between the decisions made during the collection, curation, and transformation steps in the information lifecycle, and their impact on the analytical methods that should be employed.
Emphasis Area courses:
DATA_SCI 8654Advanced Visualization and Communication I3
DATA_SCI 8656Advanced Visualization and Communication II3