MSW/MPH in Social Work/Public Health

Degree Requirements

P_HLTH 8150Human Health and the Environment3
P_HLTH 8420Principles of Epidemiology3
P_HLTH 8920Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health3
P_HLTH 7150Principles of Public Health3
P_HLTH 8971Veterinary Public Health Capstone1-99
P_HLTH 8980Public Health Internship1-99
STAT 7020Statistical Methods in the Health Sciences3
P_HLTH 8120Applied Epidemiology in Community Assessment3
HTH_PR 7300Health Care in the United States3
SOC_WK 7740Large Group Theory2
SOC_WK 7952Research Methods in Social Work3
SOC_WK 8953Evaluative Research in Social Work3
SOC_WK 7710Social Policy and Service Delivery in Social Work3
SOC_WK 7720Foundations of Human Behavior3
SOC_WK 7730Social Work Skills3
SOC_WK 7760Social Justice Seminar2
SOC_WK 7820DSM V and Psychopathology: A Social Work Perspective3
or SOC_WK 7920 Advanced Foundations of Human Behavior for Administrators
SOC_WK 7770Strategies of Clinical Social Work Intervention3
or SOC_WK 7780 Fundamentals of Social Work Administration
SOC_WK 8350Management of a Social Agency3
SOC_WK 8952Evaluative Research in Clinical Social Work Practice3
SOC_WK 8971Graduate Field Practicum II1-13
Approved Public Health elective3

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Sample Plan of Study

First Year
SOC_WK 77103SOC_WK 79523P_HLTH 71503
SOC_WK 77203SOC_WK 77703STAT 70203
SOC_WK 77303SOC_WK 78203 
SOC_WK 77402  
SOC_WK 77602  
 13 9 6
Second Year
P_HLTH 81503P_HLTH 81203P_HLTH 89703
P_HLTH 89203P_HLTH 84203 
 Approved Public Health elective  
 6 6 3
Third Year
SOC_WK 89533SOC_WK 89711-13SOC_WK 89703
SOC_WK 89523HTH_PR 73003 
SOC_WK 83503  
 9 4-16 3
Total Credits: 59-71

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Applicants are required to meet two sets of minimum qualifications for admission: the requirements of the MSW in Social Work program, the requirements of the MPH in Public Health program and the minimum requirements of the Graduate School.  Because requirements vary, you must refer to a degree program's graduate admission page to learn about specific admission criteria, application deadlines, eligibility and application process.  Your application materials will be reviewed by both the Graduate School and the degree program to which you’ve applied before official admission to the University of Missouri.

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