MS in Applied Behavior Analysis

The course sequence can be completed in two years on campus. The following is a sample program:

First Year
HLTHPSYC 81003HLTHPSYC 8250: Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis (course available Spring 2018).3HLTHPSYC 83003
HLTHPSYC 82003HLTHPSYC 8350: Individualized Assessment and Intervention (course available Spring 2018).3 
 9 9 3
Second Year
HLTHPSYC 8400: Survey of Applied Behavior Analysis (course available Spring 2018)3Theoretical Foundations in Behavior Analysis (course not yet created)3 
Verbal Behavior (course not yet created)3Autism and Behavior Interventions (course not yet created)3 
Thesis I /Capstone (course not yet created)3Thesis II/Capstone (course not yet created)3 
 9 9  
Total Credits: 39

In addition to the coursework requirement, you will need to meet experience standards. The BACB has three experience categories: (a) supervised independent fieldwork (1500 hrs), (b) practicum (1000 hrs), or (c) intensive practicum (750 hrs). Students in the Master’s program will be required to complete intensive practicum at the MU Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders for credit (6 credits) under the supervision of a BCBA.