MHS in Communication Science and Disorders

Plan of Study

MHS candidates are required to complete a minimum of 48 semester credit hours in graduate-level courses with grades of B- or higher. No fewer than 24 credit hours must be earned in 8000/9000-level course work offered by the program. A maximum of 9 credit hours in clinical practicum courses may be counted toward the 48-hour requirement. Additional credit hours are required to meet clinical practicum requirements for certification and licensure in the field. 

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Thesis Option

The student may choose the thesis option for the master’s degree; work toward the thesis may count for up to six semester hours of credit.

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Prerequisite Coursework

All applicants to the MHS program in Communication Science and Disorders with an emphasis in Speech-Language Pathology must have completed, or be in the process of completing, standard prerequisite course work in CSD.  Any prospective applicant with an undergraduate degree in a major field other than Communication Science and Disorders should contact the Department prior to submitting an application to the MHS program.  Prerequisite course work must be approved by the CSD Director of Graduate Studies prior to application.  Many options exist for completing prerequisite course work nationwide.  Please contact the Department for more information.

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During the final semester of course work, we expect master’s degree candidates to achieve a passing score on the PRAXIS II Examination in Speech-Language Pathology. This exam serves as the comprehensive examination for the degree. See the program’s online Graduate Student Handbook for additional information.

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Admission Contact Information

Nick Anagnostis
301 Lewis Hall; Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 884-6085

Admission Criteria

Deadline for Summer entrance (required for all applicants): February 1

  • Minimum Undergraduate GPA: 3.0 (on last 60 credit hours of course work)
  • Minimum TOEFL scores: 
Internet-based test (iBT) Paper-based test (PBT)
100* 600
  • Minimum GRE scores:
When did you take the GRE? Verbal + Quantitative Analytical
Prior to August 1, 2011 1000 (preferred)
On or After August 1, 2011 300 (preferred)

Required Application Materials

All applicants to the MHS program in Communication Science and Disorders with an emphasis in Speech-Language Pathology must apply through the Communication Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application Service (CSDCAS) Application.  The CSDCAS Applicant Portal Link will open on August 2, 2018 to begin accepting applications for the 2019-20 academic year.  Additional information about the application process may be found on the Communication Science and Disorders MHS Application web page, which includes the correct institution code for submitting GRE scores to CSDCAS.

Personal interviews may be requested.

Students who are accepted into the MHS program and commit to attending the University of Missouri will be required to complete the MU Graduate School's online application which includes an additional fee.  Information will be provided when admission is offered. 

Admission Process

The current graduate admission process in Speech-Language Pathology is highly competitive nationwide.  All MHS admission decisions are made by the Departmental Graduate Admissions Committee.

Financial Aid from the Program

All applicants accepted for admission to the MHS program will be considered for departmental financial aid.

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