Graduate Certificate in Public Health

Financial Aid from the Program

Some programs require an extra form or statement from those who wish to be considered for internal assistantships, fellowships or other funding packages. Check the program website or ask the program contact for details.


Students wishing to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Public Health should complete the Office of Graduate Studies’ online application (standardized test scores are not required). Certificate candidates must provide the MPH Program’s Personal Data Sheet and official transcripts to the MPH Program.

About the Certificate

This 12-credit-hour program provides students with the core public health education that they need to enhance their professional knowledge. The certificate program includes the following courses:

Applying to the Graduate Certificate Program

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Public Health with a minimum grade of B in each of the four courses will be recommended for admission to the Master of Public Health (MPH) program should they wish to continue their studies. The course credits earned for the graduate certificate will be credited toward the MPH degree. To apply click here

Federal Gainful Employment disclosure information for this Graduate Certificate is available at