Minor in Public Health

Begin Admitting Fall 2020.

The Minor in Public Health captures the core areas of public health identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, such as health education, epidemiology, health policy, and environmental health. The courses introduce students to key concepts, theories, problems, and solutions in public health, and focuses on the links between public health, social justice, and human rights.  Students with a public health interest at the University to supplement or fill educational gaps not covered by their major – and gain knowledge, skills, and additional job prospects.


Completion of 15 credits hours.

List A: Introduction to Public Health and Public Health Systems (9 credit hours)
P_HLTH 2200Introduction to Public Health and Health Promotion3
P_HLTH 3310Social and Behavioral Health Theory and Practice3
P_HLTH 3400Global Public Health and Health Care Systems3
List B: Public Health Focus Area (3 credit hours, choose one course)
P_HLTH 3450Introduction to Epidemiology3
P_HLTH 3460Introduction to Public Health and Emergency Preparedness3
P_HLTH 4350Principles of Environmental Health for Public Health3
List C: Public Health Elective (3 credit hours, choose one course)
P_HLTH 2050Gender and Public Health3
P_HLTH 3560Public Health and Environmental Justice3
P_HLTH 3660Chronic Disease and Public Health Approaches3
P_HLTH 3760Infectious Disease and Public Health Approaches3
P_HLTH 3860Autism Spectrum Disorder and Public Health3
P_HLTH 3960Public Health, Drugs and Policy3
P_HLTH 3965Strategies for Effective Peer Education in Public Health1
P_HLTH 4960Qualitative Approaches to Understanding Public Health Problems3

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