MS in Nursing


Students in the distance mediated Master's of Science program obtain advanced nursing preparation in one of two areas:

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 30 hours beyond the bachelor's degree is required. Students must take a minimum of 15 hours of 8000-9000 level course work. No more than forty percent of the total required credit hours may be problems, readings and research hours. For example, in a 38-hour master's degree program, 15 hours may be from problems, readings and research hours.

To satisfy requirements for the MS, a student must:

  • Complete an approved plan of study with a cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Successfully complete the Master's Exam
  • Complete the program within a five-year period

Because the program is distance-mediated, students are required to obtain the required computer technology for successful participation in distance-mediated courses (see Mizzou Online Computer Requirements).

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Sample Plan of Study

Sample plans of study can be found on the Sinclair School of Nursing Master's webpage.

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Thesis/Non-Thesis Requirements

Each candidate must pass a final examination to demonstrate mastery of the fundamental principles of the work included in the course of study offered for the degree.  This requirement may be fulfilled by completion of the Master’s Exam (MS exam).

In the School of Nursing, the Master’s Examination (MS exam) consists of a paper that should reflect the graduate student's grasp and synthesis of the clinical and theoretical knowledge gained in the course of study. The MS exam is offered on a pass/fail basis. Students are required to discuss the focus of their MS exam early in their master’s program with their faculty advisor. The Critical Review of the Literature master’s exam is now the only option available.  Details about the Master's examination can be found on the School of Nursing Master's Student Handbook.

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Applicants are required to meet two sets of minimum qualifications for admission:  the requirements of the MS in Nursing program and the minimum requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies.  Because requirements vary, you must refer to a degree program’s graduate admission page to learn about specific admission criteria, application deadlines, eligibility and application process.  Before official admissions to the University of Missouri, your application materials will be reviewed by both the Office of Graduate Studies and the degree program to which you've applied.

Due to higher education regulation changes, the University of Missouri is unable to accept applications for admission to online programs from students residing in various states/. You may find more information at this link:

Deadline for Summer entrance: April 1

Admission Contact Information
S235 School of Nursing
Columbia, MO 65211

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