MPH in Public Health with Emphasis in Veterinary Public Health

Students in this emphasis area receive training in zoonotic disease prevention, food safety and other emerging issues in animal and human health. The MPH with an emphasis in Veterinary Public Health (VPH) is an ideal complement for an undergraduate degree in animal science, environmental science, biology or related fields. For more information about this program please visit:

Degree Requirements

Required Courses
P_HLTH 7150Principles of Public Health3
or P_HLTH 7160 Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Global Health
P_HLTH 8001Topics in Public Health1-3
P_HLTH 8150Human Health and the Environment3
P_HLTH 8260Emergency Preparedness3
P_HLTH 8620Emerging Zoonoses Diseases3
P_HLTH 8920Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health3
P_HLTH 8120Applied Epidemiology in Community Assessment3
or P_HLTH 8953 Evaluating Global Public Health Programs
or NURSE 8930 Health Program Design and Management
P_HLTH 8971Veterinary Public Health Capstone1-99
P_HLTH 8980Public Health Internship1-99
STAT 7020Statistical Methods in the Health Sciences3
V_M_S 8431Research Methods and Data Analysis2
V_PBIO 8455Epidemiology and Biostatistics2
V_PBIO 8458Veterinary Public Health2
Elective (choose at least one)
Topics in Public Health (Introduction to Food Safety in Public Health)
Epidemiology of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
Food Microbiology
Geographic Information Systems I
Fundamental Virology
Principles of Toxicology


For admission requirements, refer to the Graduate School website for the minimum qualifications for the degree program and the Graduate School. Because requirements vary, you must refer to a degree program’s graduate admission page to learn about specific admission criteria, application deadlines, eligibility, and application process. Before official admissions to the University of Missouri, your application materials will be reviewed by both the Graduate School and the degree program to which you’ve applied.

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