Certificate in Neural Engineering-Signals

The Certificate in Neural Engineering-Signals will enable students to gain both fundamental and applied understanding of brain signals, a rapidly growing component of neural big-data research. The program includes the study of basic concepts related to brain waves, recording techniques and to types of noise. The student will also gain expertise in the usage of signal processing concepts in applications ranging from detecting the onset of epilepsy in LFP and EEG signals to the design of brain machine interfaces. 


A total of 12 credit hours are required to obtain the certificate.  At least one course must be neuro-related. 

Core Courses (at least 6 credit hours)
ECE 2100Circuit Theory I4
or ECE 3830 Signals and Linear Systems
BIOL_EN 4540Neural Models and Machine Learning3
or BME 4540 Neural Models and Machine Learning
ECE 4830Introduction to Digital Signal Processing3-4
Support Courses (at least 6 credit hours)
Any of the three courses listed above not taken
ECE 2001Experimental Course1
ECE 2017World of Neuroscience1
or CMP_SC 2017 World of Neuroscience
PSYCH 2210Mind, Brain, and Behavior3
MPP 3202Elements of Physiology5
ECE 4310Feedback Control Systems3
or BIOL_EN 4310 Feedback Control Systems
or MAE 4750 Classical Control
BIOL_EN 4075Brain Signals and Brain Machine Interfaces3
BIOL_EN 4070Bioelectricity3